Remove Line Breaks

Remove Line Breaks

Tired of struggling with messy line breaks that make your text look all jumbled up? Worry not, our line break remover is a handy online tool that removes line breaks from your text in just a single click. It has two functions: The first function removes the line break but keeps the paragraph breaks. While the second feature removes line breaks all together from the text.

It happens to many of us that we copy a text from a website, documents, pdf files, etc. and we get a text with unnecessary line breaks. Formatting such a text in a manual way is time consuming and a difficult job. The remedy to all these is this tool which lets you remove line breaks in a fraction of seconds . 

If you are a freelancer, copyright writer, data entry expert,  web developer, digital marketer, content writer, publisher or a blogger, you can optimize your content by removing excessive line breaks. By rectifying the awkward gaps and space issues, this tool helps boost your content for online reading, providing a better experience to your readers.

Similarly, if you are writing an email, there is a need to keep an eye on removal of line breaks as excessive line breaks lead to unprofessional impressions. You can also use this tool to make your social media content concise and engaging.

Steps to Use Line Break Remover

There are 3 steps to use this:

Step 1:  Type or paste your text in input box (left side box)

Step 2:  Click the ‘Remove Line Breaks’ button if you want to remove the line breaks except paragraph breaks.

Step 3:  Click the ‘Remove All Breaks’ button if you want to remove all the line breaks (including paragraph breaks).

Once you are done, you can get the processed text either by clicking the ‘Copy’ button or by downloading a text file by pressing the ‘Download’ button. Finally, there is a ‘Reset’ button to clear all the text and lets you start a new project.

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