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This online notepad is a handy and easy to use web tool that allows you to write down your notes without any signup or login procedure. The neat and simple interface keeps you attentive while you’re writing your words. This notepad has following features:

  1. Undo and Redo: 

With Undo and Redo functions, you can easily make changes to fix the mistakes. These buttons help your writing process stay smooth and without any interruptions.

  1. Cut, Paste, and Delete:

With Cut, Paste and Delete features, you can smoothly edit your notes. These options are excellent to quickly rearrange your text..

Note: If you can’t paste the text into the notepad, go to Clipboard read access, and  Allow this site to see the clipboard. This will fix the paste issue.

  1. Select All:

This function allows you to select everything you have written with just a one click.

  1. Zoom-In and Zoom-Out

With these buttons, you can smoothly make the notes bigger or smaller on the screen. This is really helpful, especially when you’re showing your notes to others online and want to explain things to them. You can change how you like to see things better.

  1. Find and Replace:

With this feature, you can quickly find a specific piece of text (it could be a letter, word, or a paragraph), and if  you want, you can replace it with your desired text.

  1. Screen Mode

Screen mode has Light and Dark options. You can write comfortably whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

  1. Print

With the print feature, you can easily turn your digital notes into real paper documents. 

  1. New

Click on the drop-down menu (top-left) ) and then the “New” button, and you’ll get a blank page to write on. This lets you begin again whenever you have new ideas.

  1. Open

You can smoothly open your old text files right from your device using the “Open” option. This makes it easy to keep working on things you’ve already started without any trouble.

  1. Save and Save As

Keep your notes safe using Save and Save As. Once clicked, each of these buttons ask you to enter the name for your file. Once you name the file, the file downloads to your device automatically.

  1. Character and Word Count

These features allow you to keep an eye on how much you’ve written. This notepad shows you the number of words and letters, so you can control how long and accurate your writing is.

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