Age Calculator

Age Calculator

It happens to everyone that we feel a need to know the exact age for different reasons such as birthday celebrations,  legal matters, healthcare, social interactions, education and schooling, employment etc. This age calculator quickly tells your age in years, months, and days. You can find the age  between your birthdate and either today’s date or any particular date of your choice. It can calculate the age of anything – be it a person, an event, or an entity. Simply input the relevant dates, and let the calculator handle the age calculation for you.

Using Age Calculator

It is quite easy to use this calculator. If you want to know your age from the current date, simply put your date of birth in the left side box and leave the right-side box empty. Now click the ‘Calculate Age’ button and it will display the exact days, months and years of your age.

If you want to know the age between your date of birth and a particular date, put your date of birth in the left box and select the desired date in the right-side box. Click the ‘Calculate Age’ button and you will get the age between those dates in the form of days, months, and years.

Then there is a ‘Reset’ button to let you find the age for another interval by starting fresh each time..

Finding Age in Different Cultures

It is worth noting that the process of age calculation is different across different cultures in the world. 

In western world, the age is calculated based on the Gregorian calendar, counting the number of years since a person’s birth. For example, when someone is born on January 1, they are considered to be one year old on the following January 1, regardless of the actual time passed.

In some East Asian cultures, such as China and South Korea, the age calculator process is quite different. When a baby is born, it is counted to be 1 year old right away. And then, instead of adding a year on their birthday, they add a year when the Lunar New Year comes around, which happens between January 21 and February 20.

For example a baby ‘Kim’ was born on January 10, 2020 in South Korea. In the traditional Western way of counting age, she would be considered 0 years old at birth and would turn 1 year old on January 10, 2021.

Let’s suppose the Lunar New Year falls on February 5, 2020  (for this example).

Kim’s Age by East Asian counting: 1 year old on February 5, 2020.

Kim’s First Birthday by Western counting: On January 10 of 2021.

By Asian culture, Kim will turn 2 on  February 5, 2021, and 3 on  February 5, 2022, and so on.

In Islamic culture, age is counted based on the Hijri calendar, which is a lunar calendar. People are considered one year older on the Islamic New Year (Muharram) rather than on their birthdate. This can lead to a difference in age when compared to the Gregorian calendar. The ages of notable figures within the Islamic community are calculated by this calendar.

Vietnamese also have their own way of age calculation. On the Vietnamese New Year (Tết), everyone turns one regardless of their birthdate during the year. This is also known as the “Tết age” or “lunar age.”

Regardless of any culture and age calculation method, this age calculator will help to calculate the age in just a single click.

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